Furniture made from recycled wood is the perfect solution to decorate your home while doing your bit for the environment. In the last year, we’ve opted to include more sustainable products in our catalogue and, for this reason, we’ve expanded the range of recycled wood furniture we offer. Among them, we highlight the furniture treated with insects to give them a more aged and charismatic look. 


How is this type of wood treated?


Some of the recycled wood we work with, such as the ones in the following pictures, are extracted from old beams and doors. Once rescued, these are treated with insects so that they feed on the wood and give it an aged and deteriorated look. For this reason, the collection of recycled wood furniture shows where the insects bore their way through its interior.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that, once the wood has been treated, this furniture undergoes a very thorough fumigation process and is freed of insects. Therefore, when the customer receives the product, there may be traces of dust from inside the wood, but this does not mean that there are any insects inside; these have been thoroughly extracted. 








Charismatic pieces


The wood recycling process leaves a series of features on the wood that boosts the charisma of the piece, because it conveys the essence of having lived a life. For this reason, sometimes cracks, natural knots or holes appear in the pieces.