Remote working is now a tangible reality. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020, many companies established this way of working that became a permanent solution once the lockdown period ended. Why? It turned out that employees were more comfortable working from home, and production had increased as a result. Companies also began to notice considerable infrastructure savings.


Today, many people are happy to be remote workers. Are you one of them? If so, it is essential that you establish a workspace in your home according to the requirements of your role, and to maintain a distance from the rest of the house in order to separate your work from your personal life. In this article, we show you how.


A home office: the advantages of remote working


As we anticipated in the previous point, the main advantage of remote working is the comfort that it offers the employee, resulting in increased productivity due to their well-being. It increases their quality of life and, while it may seem contradictory, improves relationships with the rest of the team. Employees are happy to be in a calm and familiar space which is conducive to work, and where they feel comfortable with themselves. In virtual meetings, everything is more bearable and lighter, and synergies are created that otherwise would have been impossible due to the internalisation of certain behaviours due to the social constraints of the office. At home, everything changes. You can be yourself.


On the other hand, as we mentioned at the beginning, remote working represents a significant infrastructure saving for the company, which translates into more capital that can be invested in other types of improvements or incentives for employees.


It is also found that remote working notably improves the level of use of new technologies and reduces pollution, as employees do not have to travel to their workplace.


Bearing all this in mind, now is the time to organise the ideal workspace in your home. Read on, we’ll show you how. 


How to organise your home workspace?


There are several aspects to consider:


Place: Forget about communal areas. It is important that you find your own space. You need to be able to close the door behind you, and get down to work. 


Lighting: This is closely related to the previous point. When looking for that ideal space, make sure it has the best possible natural lighting. Are you right-handed? You should have the window to your left. Left-handed? Position the window to your right. 


Colour: Colours are important when it comes to concentration. Don’t look for the colours that you like, but rather choose the ones that help you in your day. Light colours that reflect light will make everything easier for you.


Desk: As we just mentioned – and we’re sorry to repeat ourselves, but it is the truth. Don’t just buy the one that you like the look of! You have to consider comfort when working. Always remember that the ideal way to maintain correct posture during your working day is by using a desk that is about 75cm in height. 


Chair: Very important. You will spend many hours sitting. Ensure that your chair is as ergonomic as possible. Your back and legs will thank you for it.


Decor: This may seem like a tiny detail that has no bearing on your productivity… Far from it! The fact that you feel comfortable in your space, as we have already mentioned, is the most important thing. Your favourite plant will serve as inspiration. The photo of your children, or that lamp you fell in love with at a market and just had to bring home, these things will inspire your productivity. However, if you want a space that is totally separate from the rest of your home (remember what we mentioned about separating family from work), the best solution is to find a decor that suits the way you feel when you work. We recommend green or white tones, which enhance the lighting and awaken the senses.


Order: This is perhaps the most important point. None of the above will work without maintaining order in your chosen working space. Would you leave your place in the office messy and dirty at the end of your day? Of course not. Don’t do it at home either. This is your workspace. Wherever you are.


Cleanliness: We return to the previous point. Now it’s up to you to maintain a clean and tidy workspace. When your working day is over, throw away the bits of paper and post-it notes, clear your desk, and air-freshen the room. Did you know that your sense of smell stimulates creativity and memory?


Office Supplies: Now it’s your turn. What do you need? Always keep it close at hand…


Do you need any more ideas?


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